eKYC for Passport

eKYC for Passport

Aadhaar ID now for passports too

An official in the UID Authority said that the cabinet secretariat has also asked government agencies, including the ministry of external affairs, to accept Aadhaar for various activities, including for issue of passports.

While eKYC will start with the use of fingerprints, future plans would enable mobile phone cameras to scan the iris and use the data for verifying the information available on the platform.

Apart from doing away with the need for photocopies, it will also usher in efficiency, make the transaction secure, stamp out possible forgery and do away with unnecessary paper work.

The need for the eKYC service arose especially in the telecom sector as the government norms mandate that service providers validate the documents submitted by consumers. “There are security issues involved here and telecom company executives are at times reluctant to certify the authenticity of the information. So, we got a demand from the industry,” said an official.

If the system takes off, it will also solve the problem for financial service providers as banks, mutual funds and insurance companies are moving to a common database.